Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Old Style Hurricane Shutters

"What do you when there's a hurricane?" is a question frequently posed to residents of these sceptered isles. One wants to be a smart ass and say we bend over and kiss our ass goodbye. What we actually do is make our preparations. Some people like to lay in a large stock of beer and call that all the preparation they need, while others take a lot of time and thought to protect their homes.

Which brings us to hurricane shutters, even though Tropical Storm Emily is scheduled to veer off into the Atlantic pretty soon, the arrival of a named storm in the Eastern Caribbean did get my attention and caused me to review my own schedule of preparations. Older Florida homes have built-in shutters that cover windows with no effort at all, seen half deployed above and totally removed below.

The shutters offer shade and rain protection allowing the home owner to keep windows open all summer long which is when rains threaten. Modern inexpensive air conditioning changed those habits for many of us but who knows what our post Peak Oil future will bring, and perhaps these energy savers will see a revival.

The old shutters are quite picturesque and I guess they work okay though I haven't lived in a house with louvered windows and old style shutters since I first stayed in Florida in the early 1980's and I wasn't paying much attention to those details back then.

There are lots of hardy Floridians who don't use air conditioning. I like a cool dry home and dread the day air becomes too expensive to use at will. Ten I too will keep my louvered windows open in summer. Mine are of a more modern air tight design when closed, but they work the same way as these shown below, when opened.

And before we forget there are the Bahama shutters which I think look really cool. However a friend of mine who has them says they are noisy when it's windy and they provide not much protection. I still think they look good.

From the sublime to the effective: proper aluminum shutters about which....

...more later.

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