Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Catherine Street

Catherine Street between Duval and Simonton has been turned into a one way alley in an effort to smooth out traffic patterns in Old Town.

I wondered if perhaps this cyclist was in the habit of carrying emergency rations in the basket. What other explanation could there be for a neat little pouch of dog food? I carry kibble in the trunk in case Cheyenne and I are caught on the road.

Another fine Key West porch.

And an eyebrow home. The roof overhang was designed to allow the upper windows to stay open in inclement weather. Apparently it didn't work owing to the overhang keeping in hot air.

I need to plant flowering bushes like these around my home.

But these I don't need, noisy messy creatures. I prefer quiet native birds that do an equally capable job of killing noisome bugs.

Trees make everything look good which is why I enjoy my mature coconut trees around my home even though they produce endless piles of fronds and garden debris.

Key West without greenery wouldn't be Key West.

I think this stuff is jasmine only because it looks rather like the jasmine bush I have at home. A tentative identification at best, as usual.

This out of state vehicle has a long expired tag and is not going anywhere so one has to wonder why it is left to clutter up some valuable and perfectly usable off street parking.

The yellow structure that is Abbondanza, the Italian restaurant, marks the end of this block of Catherine as it crosses Simonton Street.

I had a bizarre encounter at this street corner. A woman squealed at Cheyenne "Does she bite? does she bite?" from behind a wall even as my leashed dog strolled by indifferent, chasing smells in the gutter as she usually does. Life must be extremely tiresome if fluffy Labradors look threatening even as they ignore you.

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