Friday, August 12, 2011

Destruction And Rebirth

They have torn down the Madeline Bean building which was part of the complex of city hall buildings on Simonton at Angela. The main building still stands and is occupied by a few city workers still but one way or another that is scheduled to be demolished too at some point.

I have no doubt it is a good thing they have done as these elderly structures got their death blows in the rains and floods produced by Hurricane Wilma in 2005. What comes next is the big question, as the city commission decides where to locate e new city hall.

Bank of America has two offices in Key West, this is the one on Southard Street.

I read with some pleasure that this bank of bozos is in financial difficulties at last. It's a shame because the Bank's founder, an Italian immigrant in San Francisco built the bank as a community service and the degeneration of the bank into a greed machine in the 1990's was not a nice thing to see. But they are getting their just desserts at last the vultures of Charlotte, North Carolina. I hope there are some honest bankers out there who can make the Bank of America and Italy what Amadeo Giannini envisioned for it.

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