Friday, August 12, 2011

Lost On The Water

We left home with high hopes early in the day to avoid the crowds. We knew the tide was going to be high but we figured there would be enough beach to hang out on and be by ourselves for a while. I really can't stand the music most boats seem t feel the need to blare when they are enjoying the peace and quiet of the ocean.

The dogs were not enjoying the ride so much as it was hot and bouncy but they had a nice shady cabin to hang out in. The forward hatch was open to bring in the breeze for the dogs while we humans sat out in the cockpit in the sun.

After twenty minutes we got to the beach at Snipe Key, where the fun and games began. The wind was picking up out of the north and the waves were building.

The anchorage turned out to be crappy, uncomfortable and awkward. The anchor wasn't holding so we called it off and left at the same time as some young bucks in a boat showed up, sucking on brown bottles and parked where we had been. I wished them joy of it.

We retreated to the flat waters behind Marvin Key a short distance from Snipe, and there we parked next to foot deep placid water and splashed about while the dogs dozed and panted rather uncomfortably on the boat. Wayne looked very butch as he checked the anchor.

Chuck a little less so as he hunted for the perfect spot... plant a chair and take his ease. The day was not a total bust, we had remembered to bring some Dion's fried chicken, some fruit and lots of ice cold water (we none of us are advocates of sun, heatstroke, alcohol and boating all mixed together) so we had a picnic, not on the beach as planned but on the boat.

Just to top off everything else we called it a day a little early as dark thunderheads started to close in on us and we scooted back to Sugarloaf Key for coffee and pastries under the porch.

In our absence the Stock Market had taken a turn for the better after several days of monumental losses, and though none of us trades stocks and shares we hoped the day had been a good one for people who still think gambling on Wall Street makes sense. Perhaps it makes more sense than trying to anchor on a lee shore in a strong north wind.

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