Friday, August 12, 2011

More Odds And Sods

Key West looks good any time of year but rainy season brings out the colors, the leaves flourish and the air gains clarity as the water washes the dust out of the atmosphere.

This old Conch cottage near Solares Hill has been empty for a good long while. Officially empty at any rate; now someone has put a busted recliner on the porch...

The downslope from the top of the hill toward Simonton Street, magnificent succulent included.

Who I ask myself takes the time to carve a gate? The gingerbread designs carved under the rooflines are a Key West tradition but the gate design is particular and eye catching.

The fire station on Simonton Street was getting spruced up for the new day. The city commission has stalled for the summer on plans for a new city hall. The back and forth is supposed to produce a decision on the future of the dilapidated fire station at Simonton and Angela. So far no dice though Mayor Cates is pushing hard for a new city hall on White Street leaving the commission trying to figure out why that's a bad idea. Either there will be a new city hall here incorporating a long delayed fire station or there will be a parking lot with fire station attached. Our leaders just have to brace themselves and make a decision.

There are some odd numbers being floated about Key West real estate these days. They say house prices are rising which is good news for city residents but it seems astonishing to imagine that prices are stabilizing. Good news for those who depend on property taxes to maintain a working city.

One has to be glad there are optimists out there ready willing and able to buy into a real estate market these days. A nice fat loan from Bank of America might be just the thing, before they go bust.

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Dale Cabler said...

Is that a Courtney"s Place sign in this post?
Just stayed there for a week end of july through first weekend in Aug.
Pretty fair place to stay.

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

The gate's carvings remind me of Shel Silverstein's drawings. I know he used to live in Key West (he actually passed away there). Perhaps some small tribute, who knows.

Conchscooter said...

Dale it s the sign at the end of Whitmarsh lane. Good spotting.
Jeffrey. Could be- I hadn't thought of that.