Friday, August 12, 2011

Pound Dog

This is an essay loaded with gratuitous dog pictures. In December Cheyenne and I will have been together for two years but it feels like we have known each other forever.

Everybody has the best dog, but I am convinced that getting a dog from the pound is the only way to go. I am amazed when I hear people say they 'need' a particular breed because every kind of breed gets rescued and you don't need to buy them. Or they want a puppy or that pound dogs have diseases and bad habits.

Why the family that had her for eight years abandoned Cheyenne is a mystery to me. She is the perfect companion, obedient, quiet and easy going. She has a surprising sense of humor and as far as I can tell no bad habits. She doesn't steal food, bark without cause, whine when I leave her or chew up the house.

This weekend the SPCA on Stock Island is holding a fund raiser, Sunday noon to 4pm, and I kind of promised my wife that Cheyenne and I would go, though I hate seeing abandoned dogs that I can't take home. Cheyenne and I have enough fun on our walks for several dogs but there are always more dogs than owners in the world in which we live. Breeding dogs that have no home seems a peculiarly pointless occupation to me.

I have found that meeting dogs at the pound is a strangely decisive encounter. Most of the dogs will reject you, despite your best intentions, but the dog that is meant for you will make itself known. There was no doubt Cheyenne was for me, and she was ready to leave when I went to pick her up.

Cheyenne got a whiff of the cold air coming out of Margaritaville and was ready to go in and check out the closed bar but we had places to go and people to see. August is air conditioned month for dogs and the SPCA is trying to raise money for a new and weatherproof pound on Stock Island.

I spend a lot of time staring at the furry top of my dog's head as we walk and I never tire of the view. She is a one person dog and wants no part of sharing her home with any other dogs, she made that plain when I tried to get her friendly with a long time resident at the SPCA on College Road. There are a couple of dogs the that I like the look of ( but with Cheyenne and my wife opposed I hope someone else will step to take them home.

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Witchy said...

What a cool story and a beautiful dog Cheyenne is. I agree about rescuing Buster is also a rescue dog and he is the best dog and best friend I have ever had. He might only be 7 pounds, ok he's put on a lil weight from Pupperonis 8 pounds (haha), but he has the heart of a Lion. You and Cheyenne enjoy a good life together.

Conchscooter said...

i think Buster was pretty lucky to be rescued from a pile of newspaper. I hate how easy it is for people to mistreat dogs. most of them bounce back real well.