Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thompson Street

Driving down Atlantic Boulevard one drifts sedately past the entrance to the nature preserve and sometimes one thinks: I wonder what Thompson Street looks like today?

So one stops and parks in one of the excellent new cut out parking spaces, left behind after the street was re-paved and then one let's loose the hound of hell. Hmm, the street looked pretty good to Cheyenne, right from the start.

Pretty attractive is for small yappy dogs too. This one wasn't yapping probably because it never got to see my big lumbering Labrador with her nose in the gutter.

Thompson Street has gifts for all, including parked cars, which in this case was a smattering of free petals.

And look at this, Thompson Street has stilt homes, proper Keys' homes have stilts in the suburbs and here they are in the Big City, flood proof and everything.

And this is a classic wall with the odd venting at the top:

I also like the elderly Florida homes set on the ground with classic shutters and a splendid car port to sit out under.

Or you can go for the greater privacy home covered in vegetation.

So many choices on one short city block in New Town.

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