Saturday, August 6, 2011

Key West Pix 1

I am very glad to be home from my long annual vacation and being home I get to see odd little things around town that catch my eye. Like this: what a great spot to be waiting for the bus.

Here we see drive-through banking Key West style. I love seeing the practical daily use of bicycles. This is the main reason I wish I lived in the city, cycle riding, despite all the daily annoyances that keep me happy living in the suburbs.

More cycle riding. Look closely and you'll see Jack Riepe leering from behind a very wide lamp post. These cyclists, visitors, were actually an enormous pain, riding two wide, wobbling and cutting across traffic no matter who was coming up behind. Typical bad cyclists from out of town. As long as they spend money we love them. No cyclists were hurt in the taking of this picture (I was stationary waiting for their next bad move).

Dumb parking. I drive a relatively small sedan, a Ford Fusion but I couldn't fit in the truncated space.

Key West is a small town. Do you know your letter carrier's name? I don't but I am a misanthrope. Unusual among Americans, I appreciate the work of the US postal service.

These are the views you miss when you are away from the Keys.

The paper had an article recently talking about the reduced income for commercial fishermen owing to fish stocks being ...fished out. Major bummer, folks.

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Garythetourist said...

Hi Conchscooter,
From one tourists to another I have to protest here. Your prejudiced comments, "These cyclists, VISITORS, were actually an enormous pain...typical bad cyclists from OUT OF TOWN" are beneath you. Are you sure they were tourists? Do any conchs ignore traffic laws when they bike? Sorry Michael, but with a name like "Garythetourist" I simply have to defend fellow tourists.
Cheers my friend,

Conchscooter said...

I know I know. I am not one of those drivers who hate cyclists but swerving in front of me is a pain because the paperwork for a traffic homicide is endless even if you aren't in the wrong. Locals on bikes are confident, imperious even and badly dressed. It's a rule.
I mean there wouldnt be stereotypes if they weren't based on truth, would there?

Garythetourist said...

Life would be much easier (and more fun) without the paperwork.

ralph alan said...

Before I moved away, Larry Fornes
was our mailman for years. You
could set your watch by his timing.

Conchscooter said...

Gary: marry Layne. She does the paperwork. It's great.
Ralph: the question is, do you know your current letter carrier? Ours comes earlier in summer and later in snowbird season.

ralph alan said...

Yes, his name Eddie and has this route for 19 years. On very hot summer days if I am home, I greet him with a giant of very icy water.