Saturday, August 6, 2011

Working Key West

You don't think of the Key West harbor as a working harbor but it is, in-between cruise ship visits and yachts and stuff. I'm not sure what this ship is but I'm guessing it's some kind of research vessel, which I figured counted as a 'working' boat for the purposes of this essay.

This is my colleague Officer Lipinski, doing her rounds on her bicycle, being helpful to tourists and moving along those that don't belong.

My buddy Curt was working his shift at the Conch Fritter stand by Mallory Square. He still lives on his boat at anchor out in the far reaches of the harbor. We used to be neighbors years ago in St Petersburg and later in Key West before I moved ashore.

He told me a story about a conversation he had with his brother who lives in Manhattan and works as an IT tech for a college. Curt mentioned to his brother he'd forgotten to take his shoes when he was going to his other job, tying up cruise ships. Curt said his brother didn't speak to him for a while after asking "Who forgets his shoes before going to work?" someone who lives in Key West was Curt's reply and it didn't go over well. Curt really does live the laid back lifestyle often talked about down here.

Some people have to stand in the heat of the the day to keep Key West functioning. This one below I know from are a previous life but Ann didn't remember me.

She's the woman who decorates Fast Buck Freddie's window displays and her work is widely admired. Her melancholy task yesterday was to paint the going out of business signs on the windows of the discount Half Buck's on Caroline Street. It's the former PT's sports bar building opposite Conch Harbor.

We talked about the economy, hoping it will bounce back. Ann is more optimistic than am I. This next guy works for the luggage carriers on Caroline Street and he had a treat for my girl.

City Commissioner Mark Rossi is a familiar figure buzzing around town on his Zuma. He supported the recent pay raise city commissioners awarded themselves, but in an abstract kind of way, as he owns Ricks and doesn't take his salary.

I thought a raise from eight to twenty thousand for the nominally part time work seems reasonable if we are to have anyone elected who isn't a millionaire however I thought the commissioners might have done better to make the raise active only after each sitting commissioner goes through an election. Caesar's wife needs to be seen to be above suspicion. However the Key West city commission felt no need to imitate Calpurnia. which is okay; they voted all us city workers a raise at the same time. And the tax rate remains the same. Must drive the Objectivist nutters even more crazy. A city commission that knows how to run a city effectively and efficiently. Fancy that.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

re: forgetting shoes:

My record is a full week unshod. This includes M/C riding, which freaks out the AGATT crowd atop their appliances in alternately frigid and oven-hot northern climes - but they don't live here, so they may take a long ride on a short pier.

I broke the record to go to a nice restaurant in town requiring flip flops - two hours later, I did yet another week unshod.


Go that long barefoot and one's gait changes; I have difficulty wearing shoes without pain. As long as i live in the tropics - no problem!

It's different down heah.

BobL said...

Fast Buck's is going out of business ?

Please tell me a Key West unique store is not going to be replace by another mainland chain....

Conchscooter said...

No sorry must change that . It's the Half Buck store on Caroline lost their lease. Sorry sorry sorry. It's the discount part of fast buck.

BobL said...

Thanks for clearing that up and correcting the post...

Since you mentioned it in the correction...any new word on the Conch Harbor lot ?

David B. said...

Please thank your wife and the boys for coming by the store on Sunday during the closing sale. I was a little disappointed they didn't have the dogs with them, but life is like that.

Hope I'll get to meet Cheyenne in person soon.

Half Buck Freddies

Conchscooter said...

I am sure you will. They had a good time.