Monday, August 8, 2011

La Trattoria Oceanside

There aren't enough restaurants in Key West with a proper ocean view. I used to like Martha's, an old fashioned steak house that sat right on South Roosevelt Boulevard, here:

When I rode past the restaurant I could see the diners at their window tables as though swimming among the fish tanks they used to use for decor. The fish tanks are gone.

The views remain.

Off to the east you cam see across Cow Key Channel to Stock Island in the distance.

Interestingly the remodel has included hives in the front windows so that in suitable weather window-front diners could feel like they were outdoors.

The afternoon we strolled by it was hot and bright outside. The restaurant opened at five according to some construction workers busy renovating a space alongside Benihana next door. Apparently that space is soon to be a sushi bar attached tom the Japanese eatery.

My wife and I have eaten at the downtown Trattoria and it was okay. I suspect we may like this place a whole lot more for it's waterfront location,

And tons of free parking.

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