Monday, August 8, 2011

Walking The Waterfront

I doubt this boat has spent much time in St Vincent, but the owner will get a nice tax break by registering the thing in that tiny Caribbean tax haven. However it's more fun to be tied up at the Westin Marina in Key West than in the Tobago Keys apparently.

I was trailing along following a bunch of happy beach goers one recent humid afternoon when I saw bits of this one guy's beach towel. I guessed it was a reproduction of a famous local monument.

This elderly pick up truck is serving out it's retirement as some sort of fruit stand on the waterfront walkway, or come to think perhaps I misread it and it serves fruit drinks at sunset or something. Whatever it was it seemed vaguely undignified.

Rain clouds, Sunset Key in the background and a docking post for cruise ships in the foreground. This is a working waterfront.

I spotted the sailboat motoring out of the harbor while the speedboat was rumbling round chasing it's own tail with a loud exhaust and kidney crushing jolts across the surface of the water.

There was far less activity on shore Mallory Square where nothing was going on. Everything was waiting for the sunset celebrations.

And like me...

... a few people were staring gormlessly out to sea. A very pleasant vacuous way to relax of an afternoon in Key West.

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2 comments: said...

Glad Layne enjoyed her "proper Mexican dinner" on her visit here. We enjoyed having her. Come with next time.

Cuz Lynn

Conchscooter said...

I sure hope so!