Monday, August 8, 2011

Keys Pix 2

I like to take a walk before I go to work in the evening, it clears my mind and makes my dog happy. Some days I walk and read, some days I walk and medicate on the views, but most ays I carry my camera. Some people like to sit and think which is an entirely admirable way to spend a muggy summer afternoon.

It's been raining a bit as I have documented elsewhere and this nicely set up boat looked ark-like to me in it's bucolic wooded Big Pine setting. I wondered if the owner knew something I didn't about the forecast.

The tarp covered something that looked like a classic truck, something from the 1940's perhaps?

I am always amazed how many survivors there are from the hard times of the 20th century. I hope some of our 21st century artifacts will survive the coming depression.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

The wheel and differential housing belong to only one vehicle on this planet - and only two production years.

Henry Ford's Model A from 1930 - 1931. The color of the rim is cream, and judging from the fall of the cover, Im guessing 1930 as opposed to 1931.

These are cars I know like no other - and am one of a rapidly disappearing breed who do . When my father passes on, I get his 1929 Sport Coupe, and will own 2 Model A's then.

Think about this - a car which still functions and parts are available for after 83 years. It will still be around long after the crop of 2011 is long gone. Our family heirloom has been with us for nearly 40 years - how many people can sy they've owned ANYTHING, much less a car, for 40 years?

Conchscooter said...

The mind boggles.