Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Stuffed Pig

It's early morning and you've left your Key West home to head north on an empty stomach. There you are over the hump on the Seven Mile Bridge and the warm and inviting lights of Marathon are twinkling in the distance. The dog walked Veterans Park and now it's time for a human breakfast. What to do?

Have yourself a stuffed pig perhaps?

It's conveniently located especially if like me you don't know your way around the mid Keys city. The Stuffed Pig is at the south end of Marathon's ten mile length, and it's on the Gulf side (north side) of Highway One. My wife had sausage and biscuit while I had grunts and grits, which was a depression era cheap meal, a fish called a grunt and ground meal. Now it's a full breakfast with fish, grits, potatoes, bread, eggs and coffee.

The Stuffed Pig is an unpretentious diner with all the accoutrements of a local's joint, lots of souvenir pictures and dust catchers on the walls.

I'd have liked my fish less dry but my breakfast hit the spot with no surprises, and e waitress brought me mall the coffee I could drink which is a service I appreciate very much at breakfast. I like lots of hot American coffee, hopefully not bitter and sweet enough I need no milk. This meal hit that spot for me.

I'm not sure I love Marathon, a city that doesn't seem to love itself, but I like the café.

It was a nice interlude on the drive.

It's been a while since I had a full American breakfast and I enjoyed the treat.

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Brady said...


Fish and... grits, huh? This is the weirdest breakfast you could offer someone from my part of the world, the landlocked north. I'm guessing the bulk of the town were I grew up doesn't even know what grits actually are.

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Conchscooter said...

Ground corn meal, usually served with a pat of butter or sometimes a square of (American) cheese.I garnished my bowl with pepper.
It was cheap food for the Depression. It has since been romanticized!

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

Are you attempting to relearn the depression era food in anticipation of depression era 2? I think there is some validity in that. Victory Gardens, cheese, bread, yogurt, soap making. Water storage and purification, etc.

On another note, on a past visit to Marathon, my father and I went to breakfast at the Stuffed Pig. After the meal, I realized I left my wallet back at the house and turned to my dad to ask if I could borrow the money to cover my meal. Dad, said sure, but I was lucky, otherwise I might have to wash dishes. The waitress was in earshot and she said (and fairly snarky), "We got enough dishwashers, we only want cash!". Cash indeed.