Thursday, August 18, 2011

Whitehead And Truman

I love the old parking by permit only signs. They mean nothing as the permit an was binned years ago and the only parking one needs to watch out for is (handicapped obviously) residential spots. These signs are good for a laugh if you know they are rubbish.

I found this place to be utterly charming from the street. A treehouse guest house. Too bad I live down here already or I'd book a room.

Old fashioned shutters with their lovely curves. I wish modern design incorporated beauty as a requirement for our streets.

The Methodist Church on Truman near Duval has a classic profile seen with the sun rising behind it.

I guess these identical Conch cottages all in a row must have been some sort of planned housing. Cigar worker housing is generally the explanation for these kinds of things, though I have no clue. I just think they look lovely every time I ride past.

Had I been your average 9-1-1 caller I'd have called this guy in as dead, so deep was his repose and so uncomfortable his angle. We always send police and ambulance when they call them in as dead on the sidewalk. Very rarely are they, usually it's just a case of the demon drink getting the better of them. This guy just looked overworked, but sleeping.

Key West sunrise offers so many perfect angles and shadows.

A lot of people who want to see the sun come up head to Smathers Beach or White Street Pier. I just like to be in town and observe what transpires.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

We have one of those permit signs in front of our house; I use it to my advantage when a self-absorbed idiot tourist (the majority of whom appear to call Ohio home) decide that all rules are to be suspended on vacation - including those of gentility and consideration.

As for dead people on the sidewalk - I'm all for it. They're far easier to spot and clean up than the ones who crawl into the bushes and stink up the place before remediation.

Not to worry - the mainland appears to have an endless supply to replace the careworn.