Thursday, August 18, 2011

Duval Beyond Reach

Louisa Street almost dead ends into Duval Street but at the last minute changes it's mind, says "Screw that!" and pulls up short.

Beyond the impromptu parking lot one can see the green and yellow trim of the Banana Café on Duval, out of reach behind fencing. Which is not a problem were you a pigeon.

Louisa Street dead ends and turns left into an unmarked alley. Which was where I thought I had been teleported to Los Angeles, California. This was where I found a big blue apartment building with dusty palms and a brilliant adaptation of an outdoor deck.

And there alongside was another fascinating glimpse of Duval, in the distance through the romantic arch...

I love these old louvers, to look at though living with them might be an issue.

I wondered if this might have been the last resting place of a favored pet (I hope).

I was pretty sure was not road kill:

So to refresh ,y brain I looked up and saw the sky looking pretty again.

And back on Earth silly signs caught my eye. A lovely house with a silly sign in front. Who would parking in the flowering bush, were the ugly sign not there?

Sunrise on Catherine, a bland wall made beautiful.

And finally I made it to Duval Street, my just reward.

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