Thursday, August 18, 2011

Veterans Park Dawn

Summer dawn is an exciting time of day in the Florida Keys. Brady tells me it is the same or similar on the Great Plains and I could see why even though I am not too familiar with those land locked wide open spaces.

Wide open horizons whether plains or seascapes, heavy clouds and the promise of thunder and lightning and heavy rain. Exciting stuff.

For Cheyenne, Veterans Park at the south end of the Seven Mile Bridge is just one more place to get her nose working.

Get past the mosquitoes this time of year and you have a lovely seaside picnic area to sit and watch the sky.

Marathon is a string of lights in the east, the far end of the bridge, perhaps the most famous structure in the Keys.

The beach is modest but the waters are shallow and non threatening so in summer and winter you'll see people wading and snorkeling here.

It is, deservedly, a popular spot. The view toward Cuba is always fascinating.

Back in the car we have spent twenty minutes here, a nice pause in our journey north, and we have been and are, alone.

August is a great time to be in the Keys.

Yes, there are mosquitoes, and humidity and rain and thunder clouds. But it's all mine and I love it.

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