Friday, September 2, 2011

Energy Independence

I saw this magnificent Jeep for sale in Key West, untrammeled by dirt but covered in all sorts of specialized equipment to dig oneself out of the Sahara desert were it covering the wheel arches. With a local phone number and an asking price of $35,000 I staggered away wondering why cars don't excite me.

A colleague of mine drives such a machine and tells me it struggles to get ten miles to the gallon and she lives well outside the city limits so driving is part of her daily life. I get annoyed I can't get more than 43 miles per gallon out of my Bonneville at Keys speeds.

I heard a discussion on NPR recently discussing gas fracking in the North East. The suggestion by the industry flack was that poisoning the aquifer to get the gas would help make the US independent of foreign energy. The odd thing about that suggestion is that no one in power would ever support nationalizing the energy industry, and without state control energy independence isn't possible.

As long as oil and gas produced in the US is sold on the open market it will go to the highest bidder and that means anyone with the cash to bid can buy 'our' energy, even the wealthy Chinese. Imagine that. So even if we all drove high mileage cars and motorcycles energy independence is just a lie put about to fool the people into surrendering their environmental heritage. God bless globalization!

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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Conch:

It looks like I will be replacing my beloved but tormented Suburban with a Ford 150 4x4 next month. The vehicle is used, but pristine, with as little mileage as my BMW on it. But it does get 14 miles to the gallon on a huge V8. I am buying it gladly. It looks like I will be moving to the land of eternal winter, and there is nothing as reassuring as 4-wheel drive, a huge engine, and some mass when you get slammed into a snowbank.

The adventures begin anew.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Conchscooter said...

I had thought upstate new york was fine motorcycling country, after I got my small taste of the catskills last year. A Bonneville in the Adirondacks might be something for me to look forward to. Winter will be all yours.