Friday, September 2, 2011

August Heat

Can you believe it's September already? Where did summer go? It really is true, as one ages time passes faster and faster, we are all galloping toward the bourn from which no traveler returns...

On that cheerful note consider how summer never ends in Key West and how September, that month of mellow fruitfulness Up North is simply an extension of summer here. Leaves don't change color, fields don't go fallow and frost will never descend to put a sparkle on the ground. This is Key West and whether or not it's Labor Day, heat and humidity shall follow us all the days of the month.

September is traditionally the quietest month of the year, when families are back in school, parents are back at work and even Europeans try to get serious and put in some quality time at the office before the Christmas Holidays. It's also way too soon in the cold season for people Up North to get antsy and start thinking about a vacation in the sub tropics. So Key West becomes a dead zone, brought back to life by the gaudy excesses of Fantasy Fest, which merchants applaud and many of us dread.

The heat of August persists into September in a way that annoys and catches by surprise newcomers to these islands. It is ingrained in temperate people to expect a change of weather, a cooling breeze with shorter days in September. Key West doesn't oblige those expectations with a little outdoor air conditioning.

If you want to park wherever you feel like, this is the time of year to be in town. If you want to find room at the bar in Captain Tony's you might consider braving the heat. Mind you, I think a lot of people prefer the crush and noise of a packed drinking hole.

September is also the peak of hurricane season, an irony that has not escaped me, considering how badly New England was ravaged by Irene last month and looks set for another dust up with the latest depression heading their way. Soon enough we'll have our first feeble cold front of the Fall, sometime in mid October, and then the second stronger front will come to town and the heat will retreat just a little, the awful snowbirds will start thinking about coming back and reminding us how important they are to the local economy and we'll have to go back to remembering how to tug our forelocks obediently when they tell us how it's done Up North.

By then the heat of August, even in September, will be forgotten and we'll be grubbing around looking for long lost sweatshirts and wondering why sixty degrees feels so cold. This weekend is the Labor Day holiday, the warning of cold dark weather to come. Except in Key West where summer is forever. Just the way I like it.

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Anonymous said...

In case you have not seen this, here is an update on last years record cold spell and its effects on the Keys coral reefs. Sadly, I wish it was better news.

Conchscooter said...

Coral reefs need light and heat and in proper proportion and nutrients too. We put too many demands on ours and require too much adaptability from a delicate Eco system. What a mess.