Friday, September 9, 2011

Blimp Road Sunrise

On my way home from work this morning I wanted to feed my need for a beautiful sunrise. So I went someplace else, and found myself on Cudjoe Key.

I love standing on the shore and looking out across flat water.

The mosquitoes played absolute hell with the small pieces of exposed flesh showing under my open face helmet and around the neck and cuffs of my mesh jacket.

I took one with the flash, above and how dull it appeared. The one below I took with a slow exposure, hand held and I liked the result looking north from the ramp at the end of Blimp Road.

The quiet of the night was disturbed slightly by the head long rush of workers arriving to start their shifts on the Air Force Base where they fly the blimp that monitors the Straits of Florida for smugglers.

I had my sunrise fix and I rushed down the two miles of dead straight road to the Overseas Highway, and then home as fast as my Triumph Bonneville would carry me.

I passed my wife along the way as she drove to work rocking out in her convertible with the top down. We waved as we passed in the first light of day. My dog was asleep on her recliner on the porch when I got home and she was barely awake as I took her for her first walk of the day.

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Garythetourist said...

That last shot reminds me of another shot of yours....

RichardM said...

Very nice sunshine shots. I like the hand-held long exposure shot and the Bonneville profile.

Conchscooter said...

I would have spent longer taking pictures but the mosquitoes told me they had just emigrated from alsaka and were hungry.