Friday, September 9, 2011

Key West Nocturne

It was an after work excursion to Duval Street, in complete darkness now that the sun doesn't show up until almost seven in the morning. The San Carlos looked lovely.

When I go out to look for pictures sometimes I know what I'm looking for and sometimes I don't. This early morning I wanted to see Duval Street the morning after the night before.

I found just that, with trash collection well under way near the pharmacy converted from a movie theater.

And lots of trash there was to move too.

Street cleaning to remove the beer and vomit and spillage of a tourist town on the town, is a mechanized occupation.

It may have been dark but the buses were running doing all the necessary required to haul workers to work. The weekly Key West The News was freshly delivered. Scandals galore this week and all about forthcoming elections, check online if you feel inclined.

I took advantage of the absence of all human life (other than the precious cleaners) to stick the Bonneville where it should never go for a happy picture.

No Bull Here would be my caption were I one to caption my pictures. I leave captions to readers.

Restaurants were dead to the world with rather effective alarm systems to keep the peace. Bars must close by 4am say the city ordinances.

And then out of the gloom came a striding figure. He passed, silent in the night going I know not where.

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