Friday, September 9, 2011

Marathon Drive

Driving out of Marathon we saw a lot of empty store fronts and they made me think back to when I came to the Keys in distant 1981. I came on a whim and found myself not drawn at all, which is funny because so many people remember the funk with fondness. At the time I wanted bright lights and big cities to offset the tedium of my country upbringing and off I went.

I have been in the habit of remarking that my middle aged self would rather see a more laid back life now, more like that I found here in my youth. I fear perhaps my wish might be coming true. Below we see the rather odd juxtaposition of public defender and state prosecutor working out of the same building. There should be job security there, if not great fortunes to be made.

Key West has been lucky so far, but we still hear no good news from Up North on the employment front. Officially the numbers went up by 400,000 while, officially, another 78,000 fell off then rolls onto the void of no help, no job, no nothing. Where we all dread going. I wonder who will come to town this winter to fill our Christmas stockings in the tourist trade?

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