Friday, September 9, 2011

Sugarloaf Planes And Pets

Its all change on Lower Sugarloaf Key these days. Riding toward Key West near Mile Marker 17 the venerable Sugarloaf Lodge is on the north side of the highway, looking the same as it ever did, and it's been there for decades. This is the section of the U-shaped island known as Lower Sugarloaf, while Upper Sugarloaf is the part of the island around the school at Crane Boulevard.

However change is on the way. The previous owner died a few months ago but not before a new restaurant was planned for the lodge which has thirty odd rooms in the motel section of the property.

Apparently a top flight wood fired pizza parlor is planned for the old restaurant which has been undergoing much anticipated renovation work.

The Tiki bar on the water has been operating along with the rooms even as the renovations continued in the restaurant but now the new Zaza's pizzeria is supposed to be on the verge of opening complete with proper wood fired pizza ovens.

Next door the airstrip seems to have lost it's mascot the single engined plane carcass that used to sit alongside the highway advertising the airstrip just up the side road.

Change is in the air I guess. According to their website use of the airstrip is free for flyers who stay at the lodge. And the lodge also takes pets according to that website.

They say Sugarloaf Key is named for sugarloaf pineapples once grown here but whether or not that is the case I have no idea. At least the name won't be changing....

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PrissyInParadise said...

I'd love to know what you think about Zaza, as an Italian (though I do not know your region). We went this past Friday and I blogged about it.

Conchscooter said...

I have heard from others above all that it is not inexpensive and noisy with nothing in the decor to absorb the sounds.
My general approach to Italian food is that I can cook pasta at home so I am reluctant to eat it unless it is really different. my idea of Umbrian style pasta is classico sauce (heresy!) grated parmesan and no fuss.
For pizza I like Slice of Paradise delivered to my house. Zaza has a hard row to hoe for me. I will be interested in your views and unable to comment as I am a doofus and have no clue how to "log in" God spare us from passwords.