Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Days

I feel like I am in a count down, as September vanishes as fast as it came. This month of quiet and closure and reflection is almost gone and soon we will see people and excitement again and the gruesome nudity of Fantasy Fest (no genitals, no buttock cracks, and female breasts must be painted, please!) and all the drunken crowds will be upon us.

Business is slow in September so many restaurants close and take a break. People take out-of-town vacations, go to see their families or the leaves changing, or to enjoy a little bit of frost for a change. Me? I like it here especially in September, and if I can take a vacation I like to go at the beginning of summer before the height of hurricane season, which is now.

September is hot and sticky usually, though this year climate change or some other force of Nature sent foul weather everywhere except here, and one sits and waist for the cool of Fall to arrive. I am in no hurry.

I read the news and I marvel at Germany's principled reluctance to bail out Greece, and I marvel at how governments are in thrall to the bankers - "Goldman Sachs Rules The World!" Alessio Rastani told the BBC in an embarrassing moment of truth telling, and I wonder why people act surprised.

Key West trundles along, grunts and grits in our future perhaps, but the sunshine is ours, as long as we can keep our tenuous grip on The Rock.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the week after Fantasy Fest when 3500 parrotheads come in. The restaurants and locals are so nice to us and we seem to be a respite after having to deal with FF. We aren't the rowdiest bunch, plus we raise thousands of dollars for KW charities and even donate blood.

It's fun to talk with the fine KW police officers and firemen and buy their t shirts. We all have a great time! Can't wait to get there!

Bob from Livingston Montana