Saturday, September 17, 2011

Elizabeth At Caroline

I wonder how it is that watering sidewalks seems a sensible move even as salt water intrusion is threatening cities in South Florida which rely on aquifers for fresh water.

We are so used to watering our plants we don't think about it. But I have noticed how much water my own plants suck up. So even though I get fruit and vegetables, at what price I ask myself. And so we blunder on, vague disquiet perhaps but no discussion.

I love these No Trespassing signs. The one above was slipped between a mosquito net and a door apparently to ward off paper thin people. The one below on a former Bahama Conch Community Land Trust properties. It occurred to me the sign was prompted by the presence of the beer can. Or vice versa.

The Trust is all but dissolved and the properties were supposed to be taken over by the city's housing authority, the success of the public over the muddle of the private. In the rear I found this elderly abandoned Honda Elite, from my own experience these are solid and trusty scooters that go forever and need almost nothing. And here abandoned.

Also abandoned the former Jabours trailer park. Many promises, many no trespassing signs and all we get is knee high grass. Too bad people aren't actually allowed to enjoy this open space going to waste.

But that would set a precedent and the vague notion that a public park would be nice might take root in the public consciousness.

I look forward to the day my flowers thrive like this. Many waterings in the future no doubt.

I hesitate to send a private message but looking at flowering plants puts me in mind of the Chicago cousin and her forty years of marriage. I guess that takes quite a lot of watering too.

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Anonymous said...

So, at what juncture do you become bewildered at writing anything NEW?

Conchscooter said...

What would you like?

David B. said...

"Pictures and commentary on life and dog walking in the Lower Keys and Key West. One photo essay every day since 2007."

Does what it says on the tin if you ask me.

Danette said...

Why do Anonymous people come around and say stupid things like that?

On one hand you have the quandary (and we have it here too) of living in a place where fresh water is endangered. In Colorado, it's always baffled me why people have grass that needs watering to survive when we are a semi-arid climate and are always under water restrictions. On the other hand, there may come a day when we need to be able to grow our own food and be more self-sustaining. But without water, there is nothing you can grow. In Colorado it has meant the end of most of the farming community. But it would mean the end of even simple backyard gardens if it got too serious. Tomatoes use a lot of water.

Anonymous said...

You are correct in your criticism of my slander My name is Mike, I do not like IDs in general. I drank a bit much in Tokyo last night and wrote in bad judgement I love this Blog. I love the Keys with all its ills and beauty. Keep doing what your doing. Cheers.

David B. said...

One less anonymous then. said...

Yes, forty years of marriage does take a bit of watering and tending. Much like a garden in many ways.

Cuz Lynn from Chicago