Saturday, September 17, 2011

Poker Run, Key West

Bike Week in Key West is not just sitting around downtown drinking, but it is also supposed to be a ride to the lovely Southernmost City from Peterson's Harley Davidson dealership in Miami.

On the way the riders are supposed to stop and pick up five randomly issued cards which they turn in once they reach Key West. The highest poker hand wins.

It's a bit of a poker hand getting to Key West for some riders. I find the Overseas Highway a joy to ride but I hear others remark how hard it is to stay to stay focussed and some fear riding after dark, a fear I find absurd for the highway is well lit in built up areas and is well equipped with lines and reflective cat's eyes all the way.

But in the end it's all streets and palms and sunshine and showing off.

It's not necessary to,ride a Harley to pull a babe...

...but it helps.

People wonder at my pink Crocs, purchased for me originally by my wife, but I would do terrible things to her if she had pink and purple pinstripes painted on my Bonneville.

On the other hand I think I fail signally to look gnarly on my Triumph.

Key West makes for a nice background for the motorcycles, as much as for anything else.

This local bike was looking good on Whitehead Street. I rode across country on one of these Yamahas a decade ago from Fort Myers to Santa Cruz. I liked the four cylinder, shaft drive Maxim and remember it well.

The bikers against drunk drivers will no doubt continue to fight the good fight on Duval Street.

This woman paused for a second in front of the decked out Harley on display. I hope the drinkers this weekend pay attention to the message. The city is packed with cabs.

I am working tonight and I am sure my trainee will be running hundreds of licenses and registrations during our twelve hour shift. I know Lisa is up to the challenge which is lucky, because police dispatch will be working a very long twelve hour shift.

For locals Bike Week is a time to stand on the sidelines, bitch about the awful loud mufflers, and watch the parade.

But life goes on as normal in a town that sees two and a half million visitors a year.

There are lots of weird custom arrangements to marvel at in Key West. Reducing the back end of a motorcycle,to look like this is an odd way to spend money in my book.

And let's not forget, some Road Kings get particular customizations.

"Hey," I called out to this Suzuki rider. "Where's your Harley?"

The Hayabusa has been at the top of the list of performance motorcycles anywhere in the world for many years. I don't think he misses riding a Harley judging by his smile. Odd man.

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fxrguy said...

I liked real fast motorcycles when I was in my 20's.

Conchscooter said...

Me too. Hence the Bonneville. Which was a super bike when I was 20...