Saturday, September 17, 2011

Entering The Keys

I had a few pictures left from my RV trip to the mainland.

Coming back on the 18 mile stretch I was in the privileged position of sitting at the desk the boys had custom built in their roving second home and I was looking out of the side windows when it occurred to me I had a rare view across the watery entrance to the Florida Keys.

I snatched the pictures as best I could as we flew along the elevated roadway.

These are the scenes so difficult to see in an ordinary car, and when riding a motorcycle one is not permitted to stop of course, to enjoy the views.

I wonder if people live on these boats?

It seems a strange place to live out the years of one's life, alongside the main road far from a proper center of life ashore.

Key Largo is a four lane highway of endless little shops and store fronts. There is no there there and perhaps for a first time visitor comes as a disappointment after the splendid aerial ride into the Fabulous Florida Keys. Keep driving south, where the views get better, as good as these across the watery sounds at the entrance to the Florida Keys.

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