Saturday, September 17, 2011

Port Pine Heights

We have had an absolutely perfect summer, moderate humidity, gentle breezes and not usually as stifling as one might expect.

It is still pretty hot and quite warm enough for furry Labradors stumping past the empty homes of snowbirds enjoying getting boiled alive in the heat and humidity of a mid west summer.

Strange people, the Keys are lovely right now. We haven't even had many thunderstorms this week thanks to the low humidity.

Port Pine Heights is an odd name for an odd community on an odd island.

The development stalled out years ago and the streets are all laid out as is usual in optimistic Florida urban planning with lots of grassy bushy gaps between homes.

However it is not a height in any geographical sense, all is at sea level. It lies at the north end of Key Deer Boulevard on Big Pine Key.

Port Pone Heights is a long way from a job in Key West, well more than an hour bit it is lovely retreat for those that desire such peace.

Put out more flags.

And fewer street lights.

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