Sunday, September 25, 2011

Key West Discards

The streets of Old Town are narrow, even the wide one's and it is a matte of some surprise to me that trash pick up is as smooth and effective as it is. One needs a certain level of adaptability to drive these streets in anything larger than a two wheeler. Turn a corner and there it may just be: immoveable object blocking the street doing an invaluable job of work.

It must be christophene season in Key West because ripe Spanish Limes are littering the sidewalks. Note to self: it may be time to plant a tree for myself as I am quite fond of the sweet citrus known across the Caribbean.

In so many ways Key West observes the seasons in reverse as compared to temperate climes. In dropping off a bunch of spring cleaning at the dump last week -$21 worth! - the operator of the scales told me they have been extra busy lately. spring cleaning I said. And I think it is, even though it is September by the calendar.

The unfortunate fact is that in tiny spaces the old tends to have to sit outside for a while as the forces of clean up are mustered, so neighbors have to be patient. Former residents of gated communities with strict curbside rules will not necessarily do well here.

Changes in latitude really do require changes in attitude. Though why people drop off their well worn shoes all around town I have no idea. I may have to start a separate essay dedicated to this bizarre activity.

Empty drink containers are a dime a dozen reminding mothers everywhere to do a better job raising their offspring.

This graffito had me puzzled, as I couldn't read it, which rather masks the point of the project

Ingratitude is an ugly thing, but I hope the author learns to see one day, with eyes wide open.

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Len said...

Conch, I must have eyes that see the not so obvious because to me the "graffito" reads, "Fuck Key West Police Department".

Conchscooter said...

Well yes, I figured that out after a while and I wondered who it is that figures the sentiment is worthy and that posting it like this impresses anyone.