Monday, September 5, 2011

Key West Oddities

Things that go bump in the night do not interest me as a general rule. My dog though is learning to be a guard dog. The house cleaners came by last week while I was sleeping, night work does that to your schedule, and Cheyenne woke me with loud barking. Good guard dog. Things that look absurd tickle me pink, like this sign on Government Road.

Granted there are a few cyclists and dog walkers in winter but common sense would dictate that the motorist would see them. Common sense says signs like these look moronic, but not nearly as moronic as fake bullet holes in one's car. Perhaps I am missing something, but this seems to be a fashion that could well be forgotten.

A novel and idiotic spot for a graffito on a window air conditioner on Fleming Street. Bending the vents obstructs cooling air flow and makes us marginally more dependent on foreign oil. Plus it looks bad.

I saw this sign on a doctor's door and I mulled it over for quite some time. I couldn't put my finger on it but it seemed cold and uninviting in some way. I like my own doctor's sign that says 'all welcome snow birds residents and visitors.' I suppose in our brave new world of messed up human relations expecting The Doctor to be more than a business is expecting too much.

A telephone pole that claims to be one human is a pole that is reaching for the stars. In a world where medicine is no longer a vocation but a business, a piece of wood that wants to be human is Pinocchio reborn.

I liked this sign because of the arrow. With a multitude of homes crammed into one tiny space any one of them could be on the market but for the arrow. There are no front lawns in old town!

I got a flyer in the mail from a new realtor in town. This one used to be the county administrator at a really bad time in the recent past when budgets were suggestions and the headlines were crammed with cockamamie stories about things that just couldn't seem to be made to work. It was the time of the Gang Of Three, when three county commissioners behaved like tinpot dictators. Unlike corporate CEOs we were able to vote those people out of office eventually.

A recent editorial in the paper praising the current quiet and steady hand on the tiller of county government made for an interesting contrast. Sometimes the good old days really weren't. I hope this guy finds joy happiness and prosperity in the private sector and the peace that the gang of three denied him and us in our county government.

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