Monday, September 5, 2011


September is the month chosen by tradition when facilities in the Lower Keys close. Chico's snapped in passing which prompted this reflection.

Labor Day is done, the cars are streaming out of Key West,

...and life returns to the torpor of a quiet town devoid of visitors.

Fall is an uncertain season because when the funnies in the newspaper publish drawings of leaves falling in Key West we look aloft and afield for hurricanes.

If the point were made once it was made over and over again in the gallery window. We Are Closed. And barring the odd weekend festival we remain so pending the first blast of Arctic weather Up North.

The waters are warm, the grocery stores continue to function and we have all we need, if we have set aside a few dollars from the fat times to carry us through the lean weeks ahead. A nice time to be at home in the Keys.

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