Monday, September 5, 2011


Work on the 730 Southard Street house continues steadily and the place is looking much more solid than previously.

They've taken the precaution of adding hurricane shutters, and these are of the modern see-through plastic kind.

The church round the corner has similar precautions in place to protect the stained glass. It is kind of ugly but effective.

The old Harris school, once touted as a retreat for artists by the Rodel Foundation, a charitable group sunk by the Madoff ponzi scheme. Then it was bruited as a good place for a new city hall and that fell through. A developer bought it and there it sits, a monument to industrious private enterprise.

Bought cheap from the school district which had no clue how to sell a building at a profit in the years of the speculative land boom, and now open to squatters and the like. This fine hand written sign just adds to the ambiance of the place. I used a telephoto lens to get the picture from the sidewalk.

And of course a door wide open to the elements this rainy season. I look forward to the day someone does something attractive with this fine old building.

No labor this Labor Day. But this old roof on Carstens Lane is starting to look very good. This home has been deteriorating for a while and I'm guessing it has been inherited by someone who wants it as it once was.

It used to look like it was a goner.

I'm glad to see it's not.

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Len said...

I can't believe they are fixing that house on Carstens. I thought that one was past the point of no return. Same with 730 Southard. Just goes to show there is money out there somewhere. I'm sorry I haven't found any yet.