Monday, September 5, 2011

On And Around Fleming

I am very fond of the wordily named Southernmost Prayer and Something Church on Fleming and William streets.

How could one not be with a profile like that painted in a rich cream color that glows like gold in the sunset? But Nature has her gifts too in this area. I have no idea what these things are, though they looked like miniature nutmegs. That can't be right.

This is the cheerful and still blooming poinciana variously named that is still throwing splashes of orange around town.

The pineapple in Key West lore is a symbol of welcome, though I prefer to eat the few that I manage to grow in my garden as they are particularly sweet. This welcoming symbolic fruit seemed badly placed at a home apparently abandoned, to a bank maybe? and whose entrance was covered in fallen fronds. It looked very sad.

Hoe he gnarly. Really? How chill dude. So much of what passes for culture passes me by entirely in the modern world. My street cred must be at or below zero.

I thought perhaps it was a weight lifter with broken equipment but on closer inspection I think it is a paddler? And when it comes to mysteries this is one I hardly dare to ponder. How badly drunk was he that he abandoned his footwear at a pedestrian crosswalk?

Or is it performance art? I wish but in Key West alcohol takes precedence as an explanation when it comes to the inexplicable.

Now here's a store that seems to be doing quite nicely thank you and I have no explanation as to how a tuxedo shop thrives in this town which writes the definition for casual wear.

Cheyenne failed to thank the store owner for the water, he seated in a very Dickensian manner among his varied merchandise, but not at all like Uriah Heep. I have better manners than my dog, my late mother would be happy to know, so I took the time instead and was rewarded with a cheerful smile.

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Danette said...

What does "street cred" mean?

Conchscooter said...

in Key West it is mostl;y related to hpw lomg you have lived here anmd what you can remember about a certain place. everything i dont understand I try to study on urban dictionary.

David B. said...

Thanks for all the riddles in this blog post. Hoe He'e Nalu was easy - that's Hawaaian for Paddle Boarding. The fruits resembling nutmeg, however, are giving me fits.

Conchscooter said...

That is why I could never live in Hawaii. Polynesian defeats me.

David B. said...

No more fits. The seedpods are hanging on a Lignum Vitae, which I easily recognize from flowers, but not seeds. would like to include your shot in their plant identification guide (with photo credit, of course.)

Conchscooter said...

Finally! I now know what a lignum vitae looks like! Of course anyone can use any picture but Daves Garden is a fantastic website, are you sure they want my picture? It looks really interesting and useful to a black thumb like me. It might help keep Therese's gifts alive. Great stuff.

David B. said...

Page location is:
You're famous-er!

Conchscooter said...

i will look it up thank you!