Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Weekend Fun

Getting a ticket is no fun at all and from the brief trips I have taken up and down the highway I have seen a lot of enforcement out and about including quite a few unmarked cars I've never before noticed. Driving the Overseas Highway this long weekend will require all that attention people rarely give to the business of driving.

But there are quite a few people in the Keys this weekend busy enjoying what the Keys have to offer.

I enjoy the views and for all that the Keys are crowded to mark the official end of summer there are still lots of open spaces unencumbered with people.

I have said before that I am no angler so I know nothing about the sport but it takes quite a bit of gear from what I can see.

And peculiar physical exertions. "All hail the Lord of the Fish!"

The nice part about this official summer weekend is that it will look like this pretty much all winter long.

Boats running around doubtless hauling all the impedimenta of fish chasing, they will be here this winter in greater numbers than ever.

This is a family weekend so we will have to wait for Bike Week later this month to see the Overseas Highway crawling with loud v-twins.

But there are a few hardy solo souls loose on the road, looking good.

I am working this weekend, happy to be out of the ebb and flow of other people's busyness.

Let's hope they will be well behaved. Fat chance.

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Anonymous said...

Fishing can be a low gear hobby-- pole and bait.

Conchscooter said...

What happened to consumerism gone wild?!

Anonymous said...

We took our kids to a free teach-kids-about-fishing clinic. They had ratty old poles with reels that worked - I mean, they're kids fishing off our dock; how good does their stuff have to be?! They came home with brand-spankin' new fancy rods and reels, line, bait, boxes, etc. All sponsored by West Marine, local guide assn, FL Fish & Wildlife, etc. I guess a ratty old pole and reel that work isn't good enough for the fish around here after all.
Diana in Citrus

Conchscooter said...

Train the shoppers while they are young...