Saturday, September 3, 2011

South Roosevelt Roadwork

The repaving of Eaton Street has been widely praised for it's speed and efficiency but recent comments in the anonymous section the paper lead me to think they may have raised the bar when they repaved that street in just five days.

Already the work being carried out to fill in the former houseboat row with dirt (!) seems to be taking an age.

The idea according to the paper is to fill in the seawall in some manner and plant trees. It rather reminds me of the habit of sowing salt in the fields of the vanquished.

Houseboat Row was removed almost a decade ago to clear an eyesore from in front of the very expensive apartments planned for the area inland of the road.

Off they went and naught remained but a few posts and a fair number of memories.

After this lot is done perhaps we shall be able to sit in the shade of fruit trees and reminisce about the seawall that was.

I remember Houseboat Row as a collection of houseboats, mailboxes and potted plants, but for some people it was a way of life.

Things seem a little topsy turvey all round these days. Here we are in September and the road home was jammed and slow for mile upon mile.

At 35 miles per hour I had plenty of time to reflect how much like winter this felt, and not at all like the quietest month of the year.

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