Saturday, September 3, 2011


It is a given that I am the world's worst shopper, and that if I am to be stereotyped it is that I am a typical man. Rush in, buy the vaguely suitable thing and rush out. Get on the motorcycle and blow the cobwebs from my brain. Thus this poster in then window of The Express store puzzled me not a bit.

The world of fashion leaves me cold, such as the latest absurdity that is the desire to be seen in public in these ridiculous hats.

Shop, Betty, shop and keep our local economy strong, thank you. This guy selling wire sculptures in front of La Concha seemed to attract shoppers to his stall like the proverbial flies to the web.

I cannot imagine how much time and energy it takes to sell this stuff.I admire salesmen even as I know I will never count myself among their number.

My problem is that I have no inner belief that thinks that anyone needs anything much and that makes selling a little...difficult. One has to be convincing above all else.

He is apparently and he doesn't have to pay the enormous rent landlords expect to receive for these downtown store fronts.

How they make a living I cannot imagine, lights on, doors open, air conditioning blasting and employees to pay. Phew!

They walk by, they look and some few drift inside to touch and feel and look and think and drift on by.

Fashion is a hard task master, one I have never bowed to.

When callers dial 9-1-1 and tell me the suspect fled wearing a t-shirt and shorts I think to myself he was wearing the Key West uniform, one fashion statement I have no difficulty adhering to.

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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Conch:

In some regards, the internet is perfect for men. If you know exactly what you want... The size and color you want it in... And what you're willing to pay for it... Keyboard shopping can be accomplished with a beer in one hand and a cigar in the other.

Still, there are times when you just have to hold an object in your hand to get enthused over something.

As a kind of artist/writer, I am amazed that anyone ever pays for the stuff I write. Some of your readers will feel the same way.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Conchscooter said...

I am stuck with one brand of motorcycle clothing because I know what my size is in their catalogue and because no one locally sells anything. Everything else my wife deals with. Lucky me.