Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Light And Shade

Help Yourself, has filled in the spot formerly occupied by a café with a model railroad running round the ceiling followed by some other place I can't recall, then an Indian fusion place that I liked a lot and then this vegetarian/vegan place which isn't actually bad.

I'm not a vegetarian but in the same way I describe myself as straight but not narrow (hardly) when it comes to poofs I am not averse to quinoa or tofu or a plate of vegetables when it comes to food. I am glad they seem to be thriving. Long may they do so.

Key West, home to giant trucks and SUVs is also home, as it happens, to weird Segway-like vehicles used by letter carriers. It seems they are also a tourist attraction. And I am forced to agree they are cute.

Key West is on the receiving end of so much sunshine it's not surprising homes are built the way they are, wide windows, shaded porches and lovely dark interiors.

And brightly colored exteriors.

I enjoy peoples' penchant for brightly colored bicycles too, though this one seemed to be getting eaten by the grass.

A sleepy bicycle on a Jeep.

Coconuts, a barrel and a sheet of plywood. You never know when all that stuff might come in useful. Fording a broken Vermont bridge perhaps.

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