Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Walking My Dog

I am not a botanist but I know these things are edible,were edible, thus I know their name. In Key West they call them Spanish Limes, in the Caribbean they call them christophenes, and by any name they are delicious and here they are swishes into the sidewalk.

Christophenes are small round fruit with a big pit and soft tangy flesh rather like lychees with a citrus bite. I looked at the squashed fruit and the clusters high in the air above me and was glad I couldn't reach them to steal em. That would be bad for my much valued career.

Dog Fest. Most owners are scared to let their pets have any fun but in this case Cheyenne got to sniff a butt.

This dog I forgot to photograph until it was on it's way in the arms of it's loving owner. Sixteen years old she said and still likes to sniff fresh air.

Take a ride in Key West in September and enjoy the heat and quiet empty streets. Unless a Conch train is turning the corner of course. They never stop rolling and talking.

I love watching people walk and talk. It just looks daft.

Bad parking looks daft too, as I may have mentioned previously.... I blame this instance on Cheyenne who was in a hurry to get out and go for her walk.

I was following this cyclist for a while down the middle of the street but I cut him some slack after my miserable parking strategy.

But Truman was wide open for us to head home.

As it should be in September.

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