Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Porch Labor

Our rejuvenated porch is starting to look how we want it to look, clean and tidy and inviting. The wood is painted a very light shade of light blue...

Chuck was busy shaking paint in spray cans to make the overhead fans look new.

Which he promptly did very nicely, and they needed the paint as they had become quite rusty.

The great big sausage roll of carpet had to be cut to width to fit our twenty four foot by eight foot porch. The idea was to glue it down but calmer heads prevailed and we all decided it would work fine and when inevitably the carpet wears out tacks will be easier to remove when the carpet has to be replaced.

Chuck the fusspot told me to give it one more sweeping as I figured the porch was swept clean of paint scrapings...while he vacuumed assiduously.

Wayne the ex-carpenter was busy measuring twice and cutting once while Chuck made useful comments. They have been together longer than Methuselah was in high school, but happily for my heterosexual marriage the state of Florida doesn't allow them to do the same. Such immorality would put my marriage at risk obviously.

Mind you I haven't a clue how to lay carpet so I found this demonstration absolutely riveting. I dare say for most manly men laying a cart on Labor Day is no big deal but I learned a lot.

Cheyenne got bored resting comfortably in the air conditioning and came out to check on our progress.

Not everyone was sweating as they slaved away carpeting...and they liked to parade their ease on their way down our neighborhood's canal.

My house on the eastern side looks like a blizzard has blown through. I am thinking it might take quite a few hours work to clear up the debris.

The carpet isn't quite finished but Cheyenne looked quite at home on it.

She waits for me on the porch in the morning waiting for the sound of the Bonneville coming down the street. The new carpet might be as comfortable as the recliner she usually lies on, as she waits for her first walk of the day. Someone appreciated the boys' work.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

It looks GREAT!

You're lucky to have friends as Chuck and Wayne; interesting they would opt to spend time on someone as curmudgeonly as you.

But then again - I think rather highly of you, too.

How sad for the par of the world who seeks to exclude the Chucks and Waynes - their loss is our gain.

rhymes - whoo!