Monday, September 12, 2011

Markham Park Weston

Chuck did his homework and found an RV campground west of Fort Lauderdale, where for forty dollars a night one can park with hook ups and walk the dogs.

Clearly this isn't Key West, obvious as soon as you notice the giant and attractive recycling container, because public recycling in the Keys is a Modern Concept, yet to catch on.

Markham Park in Weston has a nice big well equipped place for dogs to roam, divided into Big Barkhams and...Little.

A winding paved path circle the big dog park which has trees, tiki huts and doggie obstacles. My wife thought Cheyenne might enjoy a balance bar.

It was a cute but bad idea and Cheyenne saw the light faster than my wife did.

And cats make a handy target for dogs elsewhere in the park. Cat-ist objectification.

I wondered what the budget is is for the city's dog shit bag program. They don't joke around here.

Our anti-social dogs watched the locals doing their thing and there were lots of them, all busy.

Even though it is September and you'd think it would be empty, then you remember the demographics of the Big Mainland City.

This woman got her dog in France and she had to talk to it in French which isn't as obscene as it sounds. Allez, pooch.

It wasn't sunny but it was hot band a little muggy.

Certainly wam enough for Cheyenne.

And even Zuzu and Tootie got tired soon enough.

We were a long way from home, 175 miles, but Chuck had a reminder of home.

A man's best friend deserves all the comforts.

Cheyenne wasn't at all sure about the paddling pool but then locals were on hand to show her it's done.

Time to go home and get dressed for dinner.

Indian food was on the menu.

Chuck noticed how much Layne missed Indian and he kindly arranged an outing to the Indian Palace. But that's another story.

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