Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rainy Escape

You'd think rain wouldn't bother a water dog like a Labrador, but Cheyenne had the misfortune to be raised by some family that did not encourage her sense of adventure. I rather think being dumped at the SPCA was the most adventurous thing that happened to her, poor thing.

Thus I was not surprised that she took refuge on the cool tile floor of the unoccupied tiki bar while we listened to the rain and I played with the camera.

It was a ten minute soaking wet walk to get out to the end of the dock and we were both a bit bedraggled. The day was gray and close.

When my wife and I were out sailing Central America I was surprised how cold I got when the rain came down. Standing in a wet t-shirt on watch in eighty degree weather with rain slashing under my Bimini shade, my teeth would chatter I would get so cold.

And sitting on our catamaran on a day too wet and overcast for snorkeling was dreary indeed. I used to compare snorkeling the untrammeled reefs of the under developed world - ironic description!- to going to the movies there was so much color down there.

Standing under the tiki looking out at Boca Chica Bay those rainy DVD days at anchor seemed like memories from another world. Someone else's life.

On the whole Cheyenne seems to like her new life.

Perhaps I should cut back the daily walks when it's raining cats and dogs.

The trouble is, I like walking in the rain, I like my memories, and I like the fact that this is as "bad" as bad weather gets around here. Give or take thirty degrees.

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