Wednesday, October 5, 2011

300 William

It's the little touches I like, for instance the fretwork painted on the pole.

I guess this building was once a gas station which would have been before my time. But I do remember when it was a roofing company. One day the owner saw the light and retired there and then. The place stayed closed for a while and now they sell fish here, quite successfully by all accounts.

And it looks good too. So does William Street, because trees hanging over the roadway always look good.

I never tire of Key West roof lines, sky and trees.

The wildly varied colors on and off the porches.

Key West is looking good in-between summer rain storms.

Porches and white picket fences.

And fans whirring aimlessly cooling who knows what.

There's a Triumph Bonneville in the darkness under there.

Like I said trees make everything look better.

And at the north end of the street there is the promise of salt water.

Key West has been surprisingly full of people in September the slowest month, and my empirical view suggests the city might be packed in October too. Good for us.

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