Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bits Of Duval

St Paul's Cathedral is getting a make over or a touch up which is good to see. The white monument will make for great pictures under the blue winter skies for visitors enjoying summer in winter.

If you had plans to trespass in this alcove on the 400 block of Duval- forget it! There's a sign up there...

And I was nearly tempted to get my ear pierced. Who can resist a freebie? I can when it involves giving up my own flesh. It would have shocked them at work to see staid old me show up with brass door knocker in my lobe.

This store was called Life in Paradise apparently, though it was not a very prominent or permanent name. Now it's just FE which in Spanish means "faith," peculiarly appropriate in Paradise.

"Sexy Drunk High" just what Key West represents to too many people. I wish people would stop buying this crap so we don't have to see it when we walk around here.

I enjoy the arcade along here, for the shade and the people watching...

... at the best spot on Duval.

That would be the much hated Starbucks. Get a window seat and watch the people shuffle by. Think what you like about chains and their coffee, but it's a superb ringside seat.

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