Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eat In The Street

I read some exciting news in the paper this week, bleary eyed as I am from getting up at five in the morning. Working during the day is horrible and I shall continue to whine about it until Friday when training is done.

The above picture I took at Eaton looking north toward the bar district of Lower Duval. That's not where my excitement is directed. The picture below looking south from Southard toward Angela is half of the proposed two block pedestrian mall suggested for weekend evenings starting this November! How cool is that?

The pedestrian area would run from six to midnight with restaurants putting tables in the street and stores staying open to encourage people to wander and shop in a peaceful adult atmosphere. This picture I took looking south from Fleming where the pedestrian zone would begin at Fast Buck Freddie's.

Indeed Fast Buck's owner Tony Falcone was quoted as a prime instigator of this great idea. He is a well respected merchant in town, not surprisingly, as he also helped get Fantasy Fest underway with his late partner thirty years ago. What Tony proposes the city disposes, usually.

The idea of creating a pedestrian zone on Duval is so obvious you'd be tempted tom wonder why it ha taken this long, but for all that it is touted as progressive the city fathers are conservative in an isolated provincial sort of way.

I'm sure then pedestrian zone is causing some powerful people palpitations never mind they've been doing this Up North and everywhere else since the economy started to boom and people used to have money to spare.

Key West tends to be late to the party but better late than never is say. Who's for ossobuco al fresco?

I wouldn't mind chowing down on a Jack Flat's hamburger and mashed potatoes under the stars with a cold brew...

Mara Arita illegal is almost outdoors already... But they would be welcome too!

This could be a great thing band lots of fun. The paper said everyone who needs to be in the city is getting behind this test plan and other merchants interviewed by the Citizen showed no public opposition to it.

The idea is to encourage more people including locals to venture onto Duval of an evening and have some adult fun that doesn't involve necessarily getting drunk and rowdy.

This should be fun.

Duval Street by night for the rest of us. At last.

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Anonymous said...

Where will the endless trucks go?

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Helena MT has a walking mall. Some of the city fathers wanted to get rid of it. The citizens rose up in favor of the mall. I love the mall, unfortunately there aren't many businesses as it's mainly a government town. However, it makes perfect sense for KW.

Bob from Livingston Montana

David B. said...

I beg your pardon, I need to rephrase that. Season starts on February 14th, and lasts until Easter. That is all.

Conchscooter said...

It will likely be tested only for the winter months. Summer seems little oppressive for this kind of theing. Maybe not.