Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Key West Pix X

I pulled into a motorcycle spot downtown and found myself backing the Bonneville next to a Scarabeo 500 big scooter and a Harley next to that, the All American "scooter."

Proper Key West scooting. Bare feet and a babe.

Or bare feet, a bandanna and a fag dangling from your lower lip.

Traveler palms, and a traveling Harley complete with saddle bags.

The weirdly named Kymco 500 Exciting, a scooter as powerful as the Scarabeo (Italian for beetle) but a lot prettier.

Moped Hospital sells the Korean Kymco scooters but I've only ever seen them sell 50cc models.

They are also famous nationwide for selling go fast packages for Kymcos. And now 500s? Key West keeps growing.

But sometimes a bicycle is best.

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