Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Sunny Bridge Walk

When Fat Albert is on the ground it's a sign of either impending bad weather or recently passed bad weather (or perhaps maintenance issues?).

The sun was out and things were looking lovely to my way of thinking.

Boats were on the water again, no longer dodging the dreaded thunderstorms.

Roger's Earthball was successfully facing the open waters of the Florida Straits.

And the KOA marina was open for business on a warm sunny morning.

Fat Albert got in the air later in the day ready once again to guard the southern approaches against smugglers and infiltrators.

I love the sunlight reflected off the water.

Cheyenne was enjoying sniffing everything in sight.

There were no other cyclists, pedestrians or anglers on the bridge.

We had the open road on the old Flagler Bridge all to ourselves.

It was great morning to be out.

It's corny but I think sunshine makes things look better.

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