Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Colors And Shadows

A fine bright morning in Key West, just one more in an endless string.

As though there weren't enough color on the streets some people feel the need to air their dust catchers outdoors to brighten the place up.

What a weird door for a realty office. I think I like them whoever they are...though how they got this collection of scrap down here who can say? This isn't the kind of countryside where people abandon agricultural implements with any kind of frequency.

You may not know what this is but I have used this kind of thing (shown below in close up). It's a guide for a grass mowing blade. At six feet long it's not used for your average lawn, but to cut hay on Old MacDonald's Farm. Just like the ones we used when I was a kid in Italy. Weird but true.

The green building used to be Bogart's Irish Pub and the it was closed down when plans were mooted to create a super duper gay night club complex that's outraged the neighbors it got abandoned and Bogart's came back. Now mots something else. Things just keep changing in Key West.

If you have some pocket change you'd like to drop on a nice house in Key West they are still charging 2005 prices. $700,000 a mere bagatelle! Unless you need a bank loan in which case you are shit out of luck these days. Try Dexia, it took two governments to bail that Belgian bank out of it's Greek loan obligation bankruptcy!

Or flee the whole scene if your creditors are hounding you. Buy a Conch Republic passport.

It's not real but rumor has it the passport has worked on some gullible Third World borders. That and hard cash has always worked in any world.

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