Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kaya What?

"Soon Come" gets the point across but it is an odd way of putting it, if you can actually read the pale blue and white writing on the turquoise banner as you whizz by at 60 miles per hour.

Knickerbockers, a sports bar, was built here years ago, after Hurricane Wilma blew through the islands. So they put a big generator upstairs, we were all a bit flood-wary after Wilma, but the sports bar failed. Now, despite the dim economic prospects for the world at large, "island eats" are coming to a nicely refurbished building at Mile Marker 15.

There's a new pizzeria opening up the road at the Sugarloaf Lodge. I hope they all know how to hire professional waitstaff to back up whatever good food they decide to churn out. Even if I never eat there, there's something bracing about seeing people ready to open businesses, buy homes and carry on as though there really isn't a recession nagging at us.

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Brady said...


Ugh, I cringe every time a new restaurant opens. At one point in my life I thought it would be fun to open a restaurant. Did you know they run (roughly, and usually) a 5% profit margin? Dear god. After working in restaurants for years, I decided I would never run one, they are full of drug addled, self-obsessed maniacs. I hope the best for your new eatery, but all I ever focus on is the collapse of new restaurants. Seems to happen all the time.

Best of luck to your new eatery.

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