Saturday, October 15, 2011

Colson On Cudjoe

Heading north on the Overseas Highway around Mile Marker 21 one passes the Sheriff's substation, a big green sign that slows nervous drivers to well below the speed limit. Then you come across a turn out on the south side of the highway.

Houses around here are quite fancy by local standards. They have yards, landscaping and all modern conveniences.

These are homes with a little bit of suburban Florida style and no Keys funk.

Imagine those stylish Mediterranean roof tiles lifting off in one hundred thirty mile per hour winds. Every summer is hurricane season around here.

Cheyenne loves suburban walks, I couldn't keep up here.

Do people really use these hoop things or are they just placed for stylish decoration?

Some homes are placed on low mounds which help when it floods but stilts are really the best way to go.

Color on a gray day!

The note to the right of the impressive Konzentrationslager gate says "Private Property." Was the any doubt?

Cheyenne quit before we got to the end of the street.

The indistinct red diamond marks the actual end of the street, out of reach on a muggy Friday morning to those of us on foot.

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