Saturday, October 15, 2011

Summer Vacation

Giovanni and I agreed that we had to make the summer ride good so that the memories would last.

We rode a lot. We hit mountains, islands, coast roads, winding roads, restaurants.

And we watched the summer fields go by. It was all as I remembered it so many years ago before the Internet and fuel injection and the Euro.

It was good and the memories are still there. I really did like riding that BMW R1200ST. It fit me like a glove. A great summer vacation for me and my wife. We rode like there was no tomorrow and now, in the Fall, one has to wonder if there is a tomorrow after all.

The news from Europe makes me sad, not just because there is far too much suffering but also because, for reasons of selfishness, I am sorry to see my world disappear into history. Paradoxically a world I voluntarily turned my back upon.

There was a sense when I was growing up that life had order, circumscribed by restriction, that thinking outside the box was not smart. We were all in it together, no one soared and the least among us didn't starve on the streets. It was a good social compact on a continent used to horrid civil strife. Except I couldn't stand my family so I ran for the border. I always felt the sense of liberation of being an emigrant of having a whole continent at my fingertips. I could go wherever I wanted, I had no anchors, no obligations, no family to answer to. I got to make my movie in California, epicenter it turned out of the world economic cataclysm born in Reagan-land and exposed 30 years later in Greece. Epicenter also of the entire world's imagination.

I miss the Europe of my childhood the security of what came before and the welfare state that was promised for ever and ever amen. I took a leap emigrating and it seems to have been a good idea for me as I found happiness. I've had thirty years of practice surviving without a welfare state. Giovanni hasn't and he sees signs of crisis everywhere. I wonder what Italy will look like when next I get to go?

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Anonymous said...

We are all a refugee or immigrant from somewhere.
You did what was best for you then. And you have prospered; unlike your

The next time you return the country will still be there, they aren't making anymore "plant earth." However it may well be in a much more downtrodden situation than it is at present. And too when you return to Key West in your adopted country although in dire straits will be for you, "home."