Saturday, October 15, 2011

More Bloody Rain

We had a party at home last night and one of our guests, at the end of a very pleasant evening said, as she girded up her loins for a wet dash to her car parked in the next lot: They say it will be raining all day tomorrow.

Yup. It rained all damned day today. Cheyenne got no walks, my wife's arthritis was terrible and I had the prospect of a wet ride to work, which secretly I looked forward to.

The newspaper said a protest was to be held at Mallory Square, to join the other 99 per centers across the world rising up against the one percent pocketing our pensions and our children's futures.

I liked the idea of an Occupy Key West standing, not at the epicenter of Federal Power on Simonton Street or North Roosevelt Boulevard at the Homeland Insecurity building, instead protesting wildly at the tourists on the waterfront. In Rome cars and buildings were set afire, in London crowds gathered to protest the privatization of health care, Aneurin Bevin's great post war experiment torn to pieces, and in Key West, civility in protest.

Which must be why I live here. The reset button has to be pressed on Western Economies and the closer we get to that fateful day the more upset the formerly unaware citizens become.

Here at home it rains cats and dogs while Texas' rice crop burns up in perpetual drought. Here in Key West budgets are balanced, visitors keep pouring in, roads are repaved and calamity seems unreal.

The worst we can say is that rain seems likely every day through Wednesday. Gray skies, wind and puddles, and even through all that not cold, unless 76 degrees rates as cold.

I am not fond of prolonged rain, but let's face it, these days things could be a lot worse in the Fabulous Florida Keys.

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